SCRAM Remote Breath

SCRAM Remote Breath® provides flexible, portable breath alcohol testing with automated facial verification software and a GPS location with every test. This device is ideal for lower-risk clients or those who have earned less intensive monitoring.

Key Talking Points

  • Time spent matching photos takes away from other pressing matters and leaves room for human error. Remote Breath’s automated facial verification feature uses facial authentication software to reduce manual client identification by 90–95%.
  • One of the most common violations of mobile breath testing is a missed test. Knowing a client’s location provides officers with additional data to help evaluate client excuses. Remote Breath makes this easy by not only providing a GPS location for taken tests but for missed tests as well.
  • Clients have different schedules, needs, and risks. These can be accommodated with various testing options: scheduled, random, on-demand, or client-initiated testing.
  • Lack of cellular coverage can happen when a test needs to be taken. Because Remote Breath stores testing schedules on board, clients are still prompted for tests and results will be automatically forwarded once cell reception is restored.
  • SCRAM Remote Breath is built with corrections-grade material to stand up to clients’ wear and tear and reduce replacement costs.


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